Here's what macOS might look like in augmented reality

Apple has high hopes for augmented reality. The Cupertino company is preparing its devices to take advantage of it. Its software will also have to adapt …

Augmented reality has been a reality, so to speak, at Apple for several years now. The integration of LiDAR clearly goes in this direction. And there is no longer any doubt that the Cupertino company is working on designing a pair of augmented reality glasses. But what about software from the Apple brand? Here is what macOS might look like in such a virtual environment.

A macOS concept in pure augmented reality

With rumors now suggesting that Apple’s augmented reality glasses could arrive as early as this year, some are rightly wondering what future iOS and macOS devices might look like with the emphasis on augmented reality. Designer Dominik Hofacker, just 24, unveils a concept of macOS interface in full augmented reality.

The interface of tomorrow?

Dominik Hofacker made this full video showing what macOS could look like through a pair of augmented reality glasses. Instead of having the screen to limit what you could see, augmented reality would allow any surface in your immediate environment to be used as a screen for macOS. This means that you could open any window, as many as you want, and enlarge them at your leisure. Which is reminiscent of the interface in the movie Minority Report.

That being said, it’s unclear whether we will actually have this kind of interface in the near future or not. This is because we do not know what these augmented reality glasses according to Apple may or may not do as this is, for now, just a rumor. Some previous reports claimed that the first model, if not the first, would only serve as a simple display, with all processing and calculations performed by the iPhone. It wouldn’t be surprising to think that you could plug the glasses into a Mac the same way.

In any case, this concept will be taken advantage of as it should be, that it is only a concept. And who knows, maybe one day Apple will suggest that we use their Macs like this …

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