HBO Max ends free trial week

Video streaming services are plentiful. Each with its own particularities. The biggest difference is usually found in the catalog of available content. In this game, HBO Max can be very interesting.

HBO Max is one of the many video streaming platforms on the market today. While it is not – yet – available in Europe, it is very popular in the United States in particular. The service offered new users a week’s free trial. Unfortunately, this option has just now disappeared . Will we see her again when the service arrives in our region? Who knows…

HBO Max withdraws free trial week

To encourage users to subscribe to streaming services, platforms often have a habit of offering free trials. This allows potential future subscribers to browse the catalog and decide if the offer is good enough for them to pay a monthly subscription. Unfortunately, it seems that this practice is on the way out.

HBO has just confirmed that HBO Max will not be offering its free trial week to users. It’s hard to know if this has anything to do with the upcoming release of Wonder Woman 1984. HBO could thus attempt to prevent customers from abusing this one-week free to watch offer. the movie before canceling their subscription.

To anticipate abuse in the face of the release of Wonder Woman 1984?

That being said, the company simply insists on going with the flow compared to other services in the market, like Netflix and Disney +, both of which have already stopped offering trial periods. free. According to a spokesperson for the platform, “we frequently update our offerings to provide flexible ways for potential subscribers to access all that HBO Max has to offer.”

In any case, this looks like a fairly risky bet, but insofar as a subscription to HBO Max costs roughly the same price, or even less, than a ticket to cinema , it is not is not necessarily a bad thing. And with all the other days of the month, you can also search the catalog of the platform.

In France, as in other European countries elsewhere, HBO Max is due out next year. Without further clarification as to the date. To be continued !

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