GTA Online: Dr. Dre and DJ Pooh are in the game, video proof

GTA Online : Dr. Dre et DJ Pooh sont dans le jeu, la preuve en vidéo

GTA Online has just been updated with the Cayo Perico Heist, and as often with Rockstar, there are some little surprises, as we discover that Dr. Dre and DJ pooh are present in the game. The operation will require the player to go and retrieve incriminating documents for the Madrazo family from one of their drug suppliers called El Rubio, who spends his days on the island of Cayo Perico. Obviously, before taking action, it is necessary to make a reconnaissance of the places, in order to be able to decide the approach to adopt. To this end, the player goes undercover, as a manager of stars, on the island where a huge beach party is being held. Among the stars who are traveling, we therefore find the two American rap stars. for more info on the update, we suggest you take a look at our preview which can be found right here .