GTA 6: Vice City still mentioned and an evolving open world? Leak or fake?

We do not teach you anything when we tell you that at Rockstar Games, we are on the lookout for the slightest leak. Unlike Ubisoft where 80% of their projects end up on the Internet even before their reveal, the leak is not authorized at the Houser brothers. So admittedly Dan left the company a year ago, but his specter is still present. Suddenly, when insiders claim to have information about their games, we listen a little more than usual, especially when it comes to GTA VI, probably the most anticipated game of the next few years. . Jason Schreier spoke out a few months ago, saying the game won’t be released anytime soon, as the title is still in production at various studios around the world. Last month, an insider claimed that GTA 6 would include a woman as the main character in the single player campaign, arguably in addition to a male protagonist. Rumors to always be taken with a grain of salt, but knowing that the fashion is to offer the choice of sex in open world games today, it is not forbidden that Rockstar Games do the same. While we waited to find out whether all of this was true or not, new details regarding GTA VI surfaced on 4chan before being removed fairly quickly. The author, a certain AMA, had indeed thrown a bullet which, fortunately, had been copied and pasted. It has since been available on Reddit . Here is what is described, in the order of appearance of these so-called leaks.

– A chapter system similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, the first 2 chapters would be in the late 1970s.
– Target release date: October 2023. [ 19459006] – Male main character, code name “Ricardo”. The name of the character would be a spoiler in the history of the game and the author of the leak warns players not to be spoiled his name by other insiders).
– Map which would be inspired by Miami and Florida + a smaller map, close to the island of Guarma in Red Dead Redemption 2.
– The departure of Dan Houser would be linked to exhaustion following the Red Dead Redemption 2 crunch, its return to Rockstar remains possible.
– Lifespan of the main story in a straight line: approximately 60h
– A multi mode in the lineage of GTA Online with a release shifted from the single player campaign (as was the case with Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2).
– It would be the best story ever written for a GTA game, although less emotional than that of Red Dead Redemption 2.
– The structure of the missions would be rather loose.
– The map would be smaller than the one in Red Dead Redemption 2, but much denser.
– Among the planned mini-games, there would be surfing, windsurfing and roller derby.
– A remastered version of the first Red Dead Redemption is reportedly in development and will be released before GTA VI.
– We would meet Ken Rosenberg (seen in GTA Vice City) in GTA VI. The latter would mention Tommy Vercetti on several occasions despite the fact that he would never be seen.
– Among the evolutions in the AI ​​of NPCs, the latter would be able to behave differently depending on their mood. For example, if they are reard at work, they might drive more aggressively and honk their horns more than they should.
– The “family” of GTA IV is mentioned and the group “Love Fist” is involved in the main missions and side quests.
– The game will integrate a management of dismemberments during explosions, it is also possible to inflict deep wounds using powerful weapons such as machetes. Point-blank gunfire results in open wounds, with the appearance of bone pieces.
– The level of nudity would be similar to Cyberpunk 2077.
– The developers would be impressed with the performance of the PS5, with reduced load times, especially for a game of this size and for such a level details. The haptic feedback of the DualSense would also be used in the game.
– The console versions would have priority over the PC version, which would be released later after optimization.
– The hero’s body will be able to evolve like in GTA San Andreas, but not in such a developed way. However, NPCs will not hesitate to comment on the hero’s look.
– Online mode would be more down to earth than GTA Online. We forget the flying cars this time.
– A next gen patch for Red Dead Redemption 2 would be planned, but it would not improve graphics but reduce load times and offer a framerate of 60fps.
– A woman as the main character was proposed in 2017 but the idea never came to fruition because she would have poorly integrated into the GTA narrative.
– The hero of the game would be 34 years old at the end of the game, which suggests that we could play his father at the start of the game, during the sequences at the end of the 70s.
– The main character would be a white man of about six feet, with a fairly mete skin tone. It would be an Italian who grew up in the USA, he would have black hair.
– Storms and weather effects would be “really amazing”.
– A GTA San Andreas remaster would be planned for the anniversary date of the game.
– Vehicle customization would have been greatly improved compared to GTA V. Cars evolve over time and time, like cars. clothes and haircuts. Old cars would thus become rarer over the course of history, and if we ever had to drive some, we would have thoughts like “what is this shit?”
– The mafia would be present in the game, but the author of the leak refuses to give more details.
– Liberty City would also be in the game with limited missions. However, the influence of the Mafia is high there.
– The soundtrack would give pride of place to pop and rock. The Pet Shop Boys are said to have multiple titles in the game.
Dan Houser provided the ideas for the main storyline, but would not have been involved much in the writing.
– The game is said to be “politically incorrect”.
– The announcement of GTA 6 could take place in the spring of 2022.