Google Stadia: more than 100 games will be added this year

Streaming is on the rise, whether it’s video, music or even video games. And one of the most selling points is the catalog.

To ensure the success of any streaming service , in addition to the interface, functionality and support for different platforms, it is important to offer a catalog that is as extensive as possible. Otherwise, users will be reluctant to subscribe on the one hand, and will likely look elsewhere on the other. Google is perfectly aware of this and is doing its best to enrich that of its Stadia platform .

Over 100 games will appear on Stadia this year

If Google wants to make Stadia a real success, one aspect to consider is the catalog. It is absolutely vital to offer a rich catalog of games to the players. And for those who currently feel that this one is lacking in titles, you might want to exercise a little more patience. Indeed, Google promises that more than 100 games will arrive on the Stadia platform this year.

Genres as diverse as they are varied

According to the announcement made on the Stadia forums, “Over the next few weeks and months, gamers can expect to see everything from action-packed RPGs to competitive titles to gaming games. platform for the most agile. […] These games are just a portion of the 100+ that will be added to the total for our players in 2021, to share, for experience and to play with friends. ”

Starting this month, a number of titles will be added to the catalog. These will be followed by more games in March , etc. And all of these additions cumulatively, so we should get to over 100 on the platform. Google previously announced that it would no longer develop games in its own name for Stadia, so the US giant will rely on titles developed by other developers.

And that may be the best decision, after all. This will allow Google to concentrate as much as possible on Stadia as a service rather than dividing its resources and trying to develop games, which the Mountain View firm is not really recognized for today.

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