Google hasn't updated its iOS apps for some time

Updating mobile applications is a very common practice today. The developers sometimes do it several times a week …

Developers, whether they are independent or tech giants , update their applications on the stores quite regularly. This is for various reasons – fixes, optimizations, new features, etc. – of course, but updates are often quite frequent. So it is always astonishing that you not to see updates for a while. A fortiori with a developer like Google .

Google has not offered updates to its iOS apps for a month

Google usually updates its applications quite frequently, whether to introduce new features, fix bugs, make certain adjustments or optimizations, or whatever. That being said, for some unknown reason, it appears the Mountain View firm hasn’t updated its iOS apps in a month. And some see it as a direct consequence of the new requirements put in place by Apple.

Because of Apple’s new guidelines?

For those who do not know, Apple has enacted a number of new rules for applications on its App Store . In particular, these must now explain the permissions requested from users and inform the data collected. This is all part of Apple’s efforts to protect user privacy by forcing apps and their developers to be transparent about their data collection practices.

This has led to the question whether this was not the cause behind this lack of updates in Google’s iOS apps. Apple said existing applications did not need to implement this new information unless of course an update was submitted to Apple. And it seems that Google is taking advantage of this “flaw” here.

One could also, of course, assume that Google does not have any updates to offer, which would de facto explain the lack of updates on the App Store. But, as FastCompany points out, Google has updated its own applications on Android several times during the month of December, while the last version on iOS was on December 8. We have already had the opportunity to see how this information can be overwhelming for applications, maybe Google is trying to avoid being in the spotlight.

It’s hard to imagine how Google could get around this anyway, there seems to be no way. In any case, until then, it is the users of these Google iOS applications who are affected by the lack of updates.

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