Google fires Margaret Mitchell, ethics researcher in artificial intelligence

Being a tech giant doesn’t keep you from worries internally, like any business of any size. Google is quite familiar with this.

Google is a huge international machine. Like any business, the Mountain View firm regularly has to deal with personnel concerns for a variety of reasons. Today, the American giant announces that it has fired Margaret Mitchell , a researcher specializing in ethics in the artificial intelligence .

Google in turn fires Margaret Mitchell

Last December, Google parted ways with artificial intelligence ethics researcher Timnit Gebru, sparking a huge movement among employees to reinstate her in a more senior position. Rather than responding to this collective demand, Google announced the appointment of Dr. Marian Croak as director of the “Responsible AI Research and Engineering Center of Expertise”. According to several reports from Axios and Bloomberg, the firm also announced quite recently that changes would be made to guidelines relating to diversity and research.

One of the executives of the Artificial Intelligence Ethics Team

And following this announcement, Google to formalize the dismissal of the former co-director and co-founder of the Team for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence, researcher Margaret Mitchell. She explained that all of her Google accounts had been suspended for weeks while the company investigated her.

In a statement, Google claimed Margaret Mitchell violated the code of conduct and security guidelines, including “exfiltrating sensitive confidential documents and private data from other employees.” Margaret Mitchell had expressed her concerns publicly over Timnit Gebru’s dismissal, saying it created a “domino effect of trauma” and criticized several Google executives, including IA chief Jeff Dean. According to another team member, Dr. Alex Hanna, this Google “reorganization” also pushed Samy Bengio towards the exit.

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