Gastronogeek: the crowdfunding of its Zelda cookbook is a hit!

Gastronogeek : le crowdfunding de son livre de recettes Zelda fait un carton plein !

If you are an avid JEUXACTU reader, or have had the opportunity to watch one of our live Twitch shows on the LeStream channel , you may need to know Gastronogeek. His real name Thibaud Villanova, this 35-year-old man is not only a French cook now recognized by all, but he is also a great fan of pop culture. For several years now, he has been delighting us with his many videos posted on his YouTube channel , but he also publishes many cookbooks around the world of video games, cinema and geek culture in general. (Asterix, Disney, Dragon Ball, etc.). This time around, he took on the challenge of offering an unofficial Zelda cookbook, inspired by the universe created by Nintendo, including the latest episode: Breath of the Wild. The book is not dubbed by Nintendo, it will be produced without illustration or image from the Zelda games, but promises an elegant model, alive in “travel diary” mode and many photos, all produced by the team that surrounds Thibaud Villanova, his wife Bérangère in particular, who is also its artistic director. The book will be 192 pages long.

In order to set it up, Gastronogeek decided to launch a crowdfunding on the Ulule platform , with an initial objective of € 35,000, which was greatly exceeded in just 5 hours. Better still, in the space of 4 days, the prize pool reaches 158,061 € (for 2,239 contributors), which means that the threshold of 400% has been crossed. Since there are still 37 days left, Thibaud Villanova promises new additional content, with an upgrade in terms of the finish of the book, but also an audio version of his book. If you ever wish to participate in this adventure, you can go to the Ulule page and send him a donation . On your fine heart !

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