Future iPads with an Apple Silicon M chip?

Now that Apple has formalized its in-house M1 chip and that performance seems to be there, we expect it to become widespread. Soon in the iPad?

For its iPhone and iPad , Apple now has a well-proven recipe. With the same chip for many generations, in particular. However, the introduction of the homemade M1 chip in some Mac models has clearly been a game-changer. Will we be entitled to a iPad with such a chip ? And if so, there is no doubt, when?

An Apple Silicon M chip in future iPads?

The Apple iPads use the same A chip as the one embedded in the iPhone, with very slight differences to make them a little more efficient. That being said, in the future, the apple brand tablets could receive a nice boost in performance with the introduction of the series M chip that the Cupertino company has recently been using for its Mac Apple Silicon.

At least, that is what emerges from a recent report by the Taiwan Economic Daily News. Apple is expected to start producing M-series chips that could end up in both future Macs and iPads. These M series chips would also be engraved in 3 nm, in other words, they would be even more efficient than the current model.

Could the tablet then run Mac software?

That being said, one might wonder about the implications of such a decision for the entire line of Apple tablets. Since the M1 chip used in the current generation of MacBook Air, MacBook and Mac mini can also run iOS applications, is it to be expected that these future iPads can also run office software? If this were to be the case, this would be a huge development for the range.

Today, iPads are thought of as larger iPhones. Apart from some iPad apps, there isn’t much that an iPad can do that iPhone can’t. Providing him with the ability to run desktop software would certainly change all of that, but right now it’s just a rumor. To be taken with a grain of salt.

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