Free Mobile: how to activate 5G?

Having trouble activating 5G at Free Mobile? We will explain the process to you.

5G Free Mobile

5G Free Mobile // Source: Frandroid

A few weeks after its competitors, Free Mobile finally unsheathed its 5G offer, striking very hard: the new mobile network is integrated automatically and at no additional cost to the package at 19.99 euros per month .

This launch was accompanied by a humorous video showing Xavier Niel parodying conspiracy theories, explaining that 5G makes you bald, impotent, or not working if you wear flip flops. If you do not have a network, no need to take off your shoes: the first point to look is in your customer area Free Mobile .

How to activate 5G at Free Mobile?

By default, 5G is not automatically activated on your plan. To use it, you must go to the subscriber area of ​​the site to activate the option.

To take advantage of 5G (subject to network coverage), identify yourself in your subscriber area, then go to the “ My options ” section of the “ My plan Mobile ”. It is possible to activate many options there, such as not appearing in the directory, blocking premium rate numbers, payment by invoice or even “5G Service”.

You guessed it, it is this last option that must be activated by checking the gray box. It turns green and a message tells you that the 5G option has been activated.

Remember to activate 5G on your phone

If you haven’t already done so, also check that 5G is enabled on your smartphone. It is of course necessary to have a 5G phone , then to go to the settings.

On iOS

On iPhone 12 or higher, verify that you have iOS 14.3 or later (if not update). It is also possible that a pop-up window will notify you of an operator update on startup, do not hesitate to restart your iPhone to trigger it.

Then go to the settings, then to Cellular data and finally click on your compatible plan. In the “Voice and data” section you can then choose between “5G enabled”, “5G auto” or “4G”. Note, however, that Apple is currently restricting use to 4G for those with two plans (via eSIM ).

On Android

On Android, however, it is different depending on your version of the system or the brand of your smartphone. However, you will find this option in the “Wi-Fi and Network” menu (name may vary) of your phone’s settings, in the “SIM and network” subsection (name may vary). Here you will be able to select your preferred network type.

There you go, now all you need to do is find a compatible antenna.

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