Fortnite: Epic Games draws Predator to Stealthy Stronghold

The bipedal humanoid creature from planet Predator Prime arrives in the cartoonish and colorful world of Fortnite.

US publisher Epic Games continues to partner with big names in the entertainment industry to bring staple characters to Fortnite . After The Mandalorian (Disney), Kratos from God of War (Sony Interactive Entertainment / Santa Monica Studio), Master Chief from Halo (Xbox Game Studios / 343 Industries), Daryl Dixon and Michonne from The Walking Dead (AMC / Skybound Entertainment), Green Arrow ( DC Comics ) as well as Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Taskmaster (Marvel), the battle pass of the famous Battle Royale is reinforced with the Predator , the cult monster of cinema and Fox.

To unlock his skin and item set for free, players must face and defeat him in Stealthy Stronghold (an Aztec palace with old ruins, plants, and a jungle) and then complete the set of challenges. moment, namely the new Jungle Stalker quests.

The Predator in Fortnite

Few species in the galaxy are as feared as the Yautjas, formidable warriors who stalk their prey for honor and pleasure. He followed Jones to extend his eternal quest for a worthy rival. Complete the Jungle Stalker quests to unlock the Predator Outfit with the built-in Biomask emote activated, along with the unique Heat Vision Aerosol and an emoticon.

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