Forspoken is the definitive name of Project Athia

Originally unveiled as Project Athia, Forspoken will be released in 2022 on PS5 and PC.

The heroine of Forspoken , the action RPG from Luminous Productions studio, Frey Holland is a young woman who must survive in the hostile lands of Athia by controlling her magical powers.

A 4K trailer for Forspoken with gameplay

As Frey, you will embark on an exciting and narrative supernatural adventure. You will have to overcome perilous trials to unravel the mysteries of the world of Athia and unearth her most buried secrets “, announces Takeshi Aramaki, director and head of Luminous Productions . “ As you will see in this new playthrough, Frey can travel the world with incredible speed and fluidity. I look forward to players discovering the satisfaction that comes with traveling around Athia, climbing cliffs, jumping over ravines and more. Frey is the protagonist of Forspoken, and we’re delighted to announce that she is portrayed by actress Ella Balinska. We were looking for someone who could embody Frey’s dynamic character with conviction, and Ella stood out as a matter of course. From the start, Ella understood the themes and the concept of the game and imbibed them to bring the character of Frey to life. Not only is Ella very talented and a perfect fit for the role of Frey, but she is also passionate about Forspoken, as this is her first project in the field of video games .

This is my first time working on a video game and having always been a huge fan, seeing the beautiful world and the story of Forspoken come into being and blurring the lines between reality and fantasy is amazing [ 19459009] “, said British actress Ella Balinska. “ Frey is an authentic character, on edge. She’s a girl who has lost her way, literally and figuratively, and I immediately felt a connection with her, just as I think many others around the world will when they begin this journey.

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