For Christmas, Apple had issues with iCloud activations

The holiday season is a busy time for many industries, including the tech industry, during which there is a lot of electronics selling.

The end of the year celebrations are an opportunity for many homes to afford electronic devices. Smartphones, tablets, computers, smartwatches , virtual reality headsets , consoles, there is plenty to choose from. Very often, during the first use, it is necessary to go through the activation box. And this is done by communicating with a server from the manufacturer. There may therefore be traffic jams in the event of high traffic. Apple has paid for for Christmas.

Problems with activations on iCloud for Christmas

You weren’t the only one having trouble activating your brand new iPad or Apple Watch over the past few days. As AppleInsider reported, Apple has communicated about difficulties in authenticating iCloud accounts. A concern that appeared at the worst time, on Christmas Day. Precisely when many lucky people are trying to activate the gift they have just unwrapped. Apple did not detail the problem, simply saying that “heavy traffic” was causing concern. Apple was eventually to mark the incident as “resolved” 36 hours after noticing it. Phew.

A problem which fortunately did not last very long

This is not the first time the servers have bent like this. It happens quite often that when demand is very high in a short window of time, such as when a major update is released, for example, the servers are extremely stressed. Product activations are very numerous around Christmas time, regardless of the brand. And it is easy to imagine that this demand was even greater than usual with the pandemic. Tablets and other smart speakers were certainly plentiful under the tree to allow people to stay in touch with loved ones, listen to music or work from home.

Still, a concern of this kind at this precise moment is not ideal. This should taint the user experience somewhat, let alone for someone just new to the Apple ecosystem. There is no doubt that Apple will, or has already done, what it can to make sure this does not happen again.

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