Firefox 85 goes to war against supercookies

Today, web browsing is a real experience in itself, as web browsers are so advanced. Firefox works to protect your privacy. New example with the next major update.

The web would be very different without its cookies. These have been around for a long time, but their use has spun out a lot in recent years, now allowing some to follow you, to know everything about your sessions. And this cannot go on. Some mariners have decided to take action. This is the case of Firefox which tackles supercookies in its new major version.

Firefox 85 tackles supercookies

Cookies were introduced to the web many years ago. Originally, this was to allow websites to remember a number of things about you and your activity on the sites, so that you don’t have to start all over again each time you return to a site. , for example.

by isolating them to prevent abuse

That being said, while cookies are still useful, companies today use these cookies to track your activity very precisely and with that data, serve you personalized advertisements, which may sound intrusive, and rightly so. The good news is that Mozilla has been working to limit the possibilities of cookies for some time. In Firefox 85, the Mozilla Foundation specifically targets supercookies.

Supercookies are cookies, as the name suggests, but “hidden” cookies. This means that even if you clear the cache of your browser , it is possible that these supercookies remain on your machine. With Firefox 85, Mozilla wants to limit their powers as much as possible by isolating them. To do this, the browser partitions the caches used by top-level sites, be it HTTP cache, image cache, favicon, HSTS, OCSP, stylesheets, fonts, DNS, HTTP Authentication , Alt-Svc and TLS certificates.

Ultimately, this feature should prevent abuse related to supercookies without compromising their primary utility. If your privacy is important to you, then Firefox 85 might be for you.

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