FBI and Europol drop VPN service heavily used by criminals

Virtual private networks (VPNs) can be very useful in many cases. They are also used by malicious people to cover up their actions.

If you use the internet a lot for various purposes, maybe you have used a VPN service before, maybe you even use it on a daily basis. Whether it’s to connect to your home network, your corporate network, access a particular catalog on a streaming service, or whatever, the uses are very diverse. VPNs are also used to conceal one’s identity on the web. They are thus services widely used by criminals .

FBI and Europol drop Safe-Inet VPN service

VPNs are a plague for authorities around the world. Tracing the trail of a particular person can be very tricky. TorrentFreak reports that the FBI and Europol worked together to bring down Safe-Inet (also known as Insorg), a VPN service apparently tailored specifically for criminals. This “bulletproof” service was not only highlighted on forums dedicated to illegal practices of all kinds but also, it seems, very often used for actions such as skimming, ransomware or hacking [19459005 ] of miscellaneous account.

A service widely used by criminals

The US Department of Justice stated that these services very often serve as a cover for criminals, refusing to pass on their logs or “ignoring or making excuses” when victims complain. They then become “co-conspirators” of the crimes they make possible, according to the Department of Justice. The latter does not directly accuse Safe-Inet of doing so but of others at the very least involved.

While Safe-Inet’s user base is not very much in doubt, some are concerned about the consequences for VPN services as a whole. The i2Coalition has welcomed the shutdown of this service, but some Safe-Inet practices are perfectly legal for a VPN. However, these companies can often decide whether or not to respond to requests from governments. The current laws being rather vague, this quite regularly leads to legal dead ends. A situation that suits criminals perfectly.

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