Facebook would work on its own smartwatch

The wearable market, and more precisely smartwatches, today represents colossal sums. The tech giants are already positioned. Another might want their piece of the pie.

When we think of smartwatches, we immediately think of brands like Apple and its Apple Watch , Google with its Wear OS operating system as well as manufacturers, Garmin, Fossil, Samsung , Suunto, etc. Competition is tough, even though sales are dominated by the apple brand. This does not prevent Facebook , it seems, from ogling this market .

Facebook would work on its own smartwatch

While Facebook has had tremendous success with its software products, it must be admitted that the Menlo Park firm has had its hardware failures instead. The American giant has more than once tried the experiment, with smartphones in particular, but the bet never paid off. The company also tried to offer its own smart display, which could have worked but with a social network regularly at the center of turmoil over privacy issues, we can easily understand the reluctance of the general public to install such a device in their interior.

That being said, it looks like Facebook is ready to take the plunge again. Indeed, according to a report from The Information, the giant is currently working on the design of its own smartwatch . This should logically embed a number of Facebook services and would work through a cellular connection. In other words, she wouldn’t need a smartphone to function.

An Android device that is sold with virtually no margin?

It will also be possible for users to send and receive messages from Messenger and WhatsApp. Health features will not be forgotten either, for example the device will be able to connect to services like Peloton. Note, and this is quite important, Facebook would use a specific version of the operating system of Google Android and not the OS dedicated to such devices as Wear OS.

Once again, with the privacy concerns that seem to stick to Facebook’s skin, it’s pretty hard to imagine how many people might be inclined to see so much data so personal – movement, health, etc. – shared with the company. That being said, the report also states that the Menlo Park firm intends to sell its smartwatch at a price very close to its cost of production. It is therefore conceivable that the affordable price of the device may convince. To be continued !

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