Facebook is launching new ads to convince you of the benefits of tracking

Facebook wants its users to agree to be tracked, in order to sell as many highly targeted advertisements as possible. So the giant has just launched a vast advertising campaign to extol the merits of tracking.

User tracking is a huge subject. A subject which recently decided to tackle Apple , in its broad program to preserve the privacy of users as much as possible. As a result of this operation, advertising revenue should decrease significantly. A delicate situation for Facebook which derives the majority of its income from these targeted advertisements. So the giant launched a major advertising offensive to extol the merits of tracking.

Facebook launches advertisements to extol the merits of user tracking,

It’s no surprise that Facebook takes a dim view of the privacy changes Apple has implemented in recent years, and especially those to come. Giving users the choice to be tracked or not will be very penalizing for the Menlo Park giant. So the social network decided to post an ad video in which it tries to convince the general public that tracking down users and their activity for targeted ads is actually a good thing.

“a crucial growth engine for companies”, according to the network

Facebook cites a number of small business owners who have used targeted ads to promote their business and give them more exposure. They claim that without these personalized ads, it would have been much more difficult to find customers.

“Every business starts with an idea and being able to share that idea through targeted advertising can make a big difference for small businesses. This has made advertising affordable for small business owners like Melissa and Annette and helped people discover products and services they otherwise wouldn’t have discovered – like this yoga class with goats we would never have suspected all the good -. Limiting the use of targeted advertising would take away a crucial engine of growth for businesses. ”

Facebook follows the same line as in the past when it said that limiting or completely blocking this tracking would have a real impact on small businesses. That being said, at the same time, many users have felt in recent years that Facebook’s targeted ads are increasingly intrusive and at times quite frightening. The magnitude of the impact of these changes when fully implemented will remain to be seen. We will then know if Facebook was right or not.

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