Facebook BARS, an experimental TikTok-style app for rappers

If Facebook launches relatively few new products, internally, its research and development teams remain very active. BARS is one of those experimental creations.

Unlike Google, which releases new products and services quite regularly, Facebook works more internally to test new ideas. Its R&D teams are not lacking in creativity, and this translates from time to time into experimental applications. This is the case today with BARS, an app quite similar to TikTok , targeting rappers.

Facebook NPE Team Launches Experimental BARS App

The division dedicated to research and development at Facebook, Team NPE, has just launched a new experimental application centered around music . Dubbed BARS, it aims to give aspiring rappers a quick and easy way to record their creations through studio-quality vocal effects and professionally created beats. It is also possible to share the videos on social media. Users can choose from a number of beats and if they write the lyrics in the app itself, BARS automatically suggests words that rhyme with what they are typing.

A genre of TikTok for aspiring rappers

The app has audio and visual filters and an autotune feature that users can use at will to create a completely finished song. There is also a Challenge mode in which users must compose in total improvisation while integrating the suggested words. As TechCrunch points out, BARS looks a lot like yet another TikTok competitor, although it is quite specialized. Indeed, videos cannot exceed 60 seconds in length and the application offers an interface very similar to that of TikTok, all vertically.

Late last year, Team NPE launched the experimental Collab app, which allows users to collaborate on music videos without having to be put together. The team had told TechCrunch that the pandemic played a big role in the design of these two apps. “I know that access to quality recording studios and production equipment can be limited for aspiring rappers. And on top of that, the global pandemic has put on hold all live performances which are often the occasion to create and share our work, ”said NPE Team member DJ Iyler.

Facebook launched BARS in closed beta for iPhone, with the first videos posted by the development team themselves. It is currently available on the App Store . Interested rappers can download it to reserve their username and get on the waiting list.

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