Evo, the most compact CNC milling machine to date, comes to Kickstarter

To tinker at a certain level, the use of machine tools is almost essential. However, these machines are often large and expensive. Here is an exception, at least on the compact side.

Machine tools can perform extremely precise work on many materials. Unfortunately, these machines are often very expensive, require very special operating conditions and take up a lot of space. Evo is a new kind of CNC milling machine , extremely compact, easy to handle, for professional results.

Evo, a compact and intuitive CNC milling machine

If you are familiar with this area, CNC (computer numerically controlled) milling machines are most often massive devices that require several people to set up, install and configure. That being said, if you don’t have the space for such a machine and you don’t really have the need or the finances for a more traditional CNC milling machine, the Evo machine tool that comes arriving at Kickstarter might be just what you need.

Thought and designed to be scalable

Evo is a CNC milling machine small and compact enough to sit on a desk. It has also been designed and designed for beginners, in particular thanks to touch controls for simple and intuitive use. The machine is also compatible with CAM software such as Fusion360 and Vectric, so users can import their 3D models created using these software into the system.

According to the designers of this machine, the Evo machine was also designed to be scalable. For example, beginners who do not have a lot of need for their machine can opt for the Evo-S model. And if, later, they find out that the machine no longer meets all of their needs, rather than buying a brand new machine, they can simply purchase an update kit that contains the parts needed to turn the Evo-S into a Pro-S model.

This is a very good idea for those who would like to go further in milling. The Evo machine tool could be a really nice gift. For those who are interested, know that you can book yours directly on the Kickstarter page of the project. Count € 2,160 for the Evo-S model. Delivery scheduled for August 2021.

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