Ecosia joins the list of search engines offered by default on iOS

Whether it’s Android or iOS, mobile operating systems are pretty jealously controlled by their publishers. The latter is a little less open but Apple has been making efforts in this area for a few years.

Using a search engine on the Internet has become a habit for many of us. We now do this often without realizing it, sometimes not even necessarily to search for something but to access a site more easily. The search engine is a central part of our web browsing. And Google is definitely the main actor. This does not mean that there are no alternatives .

Ecosia joins the list of alternative search engines on iOS and macOS

When you search for something on iOS or macOS through Safari, the browser defaults to Google. And that is quite logical after all when we know that Google is the biggest search engine in the world. That being said, we recently learned that the American giant would have paid a few billion dollars to the Cupertino company to remain the default search engine in the devices of the Apple brand.

If you’re not a big fan of Google search and what it entails – tracking, history, etc. – you are most likely using one or the other of the alternatives out there. You may be interested to learn that Ecosia is now joining the list of search engines available by default on iOS and macOS. For those who don’t know, Ecosia is a search engine that prides itself on making the privacy of its users a priority.

For web research that respects your privacy and the planet

The engine offers as functionalities a completely non-existent tracking, encrypted searches and anonymized data, so that the users do not leave any information allowing to identify them, and therefore to track them. Ecosia also claims that the income it generates from advertisements seen by iOS users has enabled it to plant more than 7 million trees in 2020 alone. And to date, there are no less than 115 million trees. that have been planted.

Ecosia therefore now joins other well-known search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo in the list of alternative search engines which can be selected by default. Besides Google, of course. Note that when you change the default motor, this applies to the entire device except when using Siri.

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