DJI added to US blacklist, a year and a half after Huawei

The US Department of Commerce announced on Friday the addition of DJI to the blacklist. The Chinese company will no longer be able to work with American companies.

Le drone DJI Mini 2

The DJI Mini 2 drone // Source: DJI

We already knew about Huawei’s difficult situation in the field of smartphones. Similar constraints will now apply to another leading Chinese brand in its field: DJI.

This Friday, the US Department of Commerce has indeed decided to place the manufacturer of drones and stabilizers on the entity list , as the ‘says Reuters. As a reminder, this is a list of foreign entities with which American companies are no longer allowed to collaborate. In fact, this should considerably complicate the business of DJI, which should no longer be able to be marketed across the Atlantic, to supply itself with American components, or even to offer updates of its applications on the iOS and Android stores.

An addition potentially motivated by fears of espionage

As a reminder, Huawei was the target of this same entity list in the spring of 2019 . Since then, American constraints on it have steadily increased, with Washington banning chipmakers – including non-American ones – from doing business with Huawei. On this subject, the Chinese smelter SMIC , with which Huawei has imagined working for a time, also joins the American blacklist.

The cause of this addition of DJI to the American list is still unknown. As The Verge reports, the other companies added were for reasons of undermining US national security or US international political interests. Concretely, Washington could fear that the drones of DJI are not used in order to collect information in the United States and to transmit it to Beijing.

Let us recall that in recent years, a Chinese law has obliged all citizens and businesses to participate in national intelligence . It is on this same basis that suspicions of Huawei espionage were raised.

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