Destruction AllStars: a presentation of stars and cars

The international competitors vying for the World Federation of Destruction championship set out to meet the players.

Lucid Games takes stock of the heroes, legends and world famous personalities, as reckless as they are charismatic, who want to become the champion of destruction in Destruction AllStars , a PS5 exclusive scheduled for next February .

Destruction at the wheel, join the AllStars

Dominate in Destruction AllStars, the global prime-time phenomenon that features stars and cars! Master the art of fireball combat, with the right timing, tactics, and skills, to deal massive damage, destroy and devastate opponents in arenas around the world. Accumulate destruction behind the wheel of your racing car, or leap through the air like in parkour, dodging attacks, capturing other cars or using your skills to pulverize your opponents. Create enough mayhem to activate your heroic AllStars racer and its special abilities. No less than sixteen Destruction AllStars await you for a competition that combines spectacle and demolition. Prepare for frantic action in intense, unpredictable and explosive levels, and fight for the title of champion of destruction. It’s time to go for it, to shake it up and to destroy. See you in the arena.

AllStars Destruction and its features on PS5

  • Stunning visuals: Experience the new phenomenon of motor racing in stunning dynamic 4K resolution
  • Fast Charging: Pick your AllStar and jump into the action with near-instant charging times thanks to the super-fast SSD on the PS5 console
  • Adaptive triggers: Enjoy unique haptic feedback for each vehicle with the adaptive triggers of the DualSense wireless controller
  • Haptic feedback: Experience the impact of loads and shocks thanks to the dual actuators of the DualSense wireless controller that simulate the feel of all your actions in the game
  • Tempest 3D Audio sound technology Tech on compatible headphones: Enjoy 360 ° audio ambience

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