Deathloop: Arkane Studios Lyon explains FPS gameplay that plays with time

Each time loop is synonymous with a new day of chaos, grandeur and debauchery in Deathloop.

Unveiled at E3 2019, Deathloop is a next-gen FPS where two rival assassins are trapped in a mysterious time loop on Blackreef Island, doomed to repeat the same day for eternity. As Colt, your only chance to escape is to end the cycle by uncovering information and assassinating eight key targets before the day begins again and his memory erases some memories allowing him to progress in his quest. A feeling of déjà vu for the main hero?

Dinga Bakaba’s explanations regarding Deathloop

Game director Dinga Bakaba of Arkane Studios Lyon provides an update on Deathloop gameplay: “ This game is based on time, but your time is not counted. You can explore things at your own pace, in any order you want, little by little creating the perfect loop so you can get away from it all. You start over with each loop, but you don’t start from scratch. You will be able to keep your weapons and abilities between the loops. You will also unlock new supernatural powers and obtain information about your targets (…) There is still a lot to say, for example about supernatural powers to be unlocked. Oh, and there are artifacts that modify your weapons in incredible ways (…) The time loop causes amnesia.

He also says more about Colt’s targets: “ The Visionaries are a group of scientists, artists, and partiers. But they are also ruthless killers who seek to live forever at any cost. With eight Visionaries in four districts of Blackreef and four periods in each day… You have a lot to do in 24 hours. The more things you learn about your targets, the easier it will be to direct them where you want to. You are not the only hunter on the island. Julianna is unpredictable and clever, the most powerful of the Visionaries. She will kill you more than once.

Deathloop and its “james-bondien” trailer

The trailer reveals gameplay captured on PS5 and the original song, Deja-Vu (written by Sencit Music in collaboration with artist FJØRA), which combines a melody inspired by classic 1960s spy movies with particular themes of the island of Blackreef.

Deathloop will be released on May 21 on PS5 (temporary console exclusive) and PC.

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