Cyberpunk 2077: a first DLC still planned for this start of the year

Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the games of the year, one way or another. And there is no doubt that we will still hear a lot about him during this year 2021.

CD Projekt Red studio struggled with the release of their much anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 . Far from being successful, the game left a very mixed impression on the players, prompting many of them to ask for an outright refund. That being said, the studio is working hard to improve their game and bring more content .

The first Cyberpunk 2021 DLC still planned for this start of the year?

Those who have not requested a refund for their Cyberpunk 2077 game will be entitled to some brand new content in Night City shortly. Indeed, a post on NME refers to this page on the game’s website, a page on which we can read that a DLC will land in Night City “early 2021”. That being said, the release date of this DLC could move a lot considering that the game, as it stands, still needs a lot of fixes. This first DLC might not arrive until late spring and not January …

Maybe not for a few months

And if one looks at the Internet Archive, one realizes that the web page in question had been opened at the same time as the launch of the game, it simply did not attracted attention until recent days. In the latest gaming news, CD Projekt Red always promised the imminent arrival of two patches to correct many issues on previous generation consoles. These fixes should be available in January and February. The dates for technical updates for the PS5 and Xbox Series S / X have not yet been released.

As to what the DLC might look like when it becomes available, CDPR was hinting that players would be entitled to something quite similar to its last game, The Witcher 3. No less of 16 free DLCs had emerged shortly after its release, cosmetic additions, new animations and some side quest lines. This is in addition to several larger paid expansions that add hours of play. Multiplayer, meanwhile, isn’t expected until 2022, at best. To be continued !

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