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Clash of Clans for PC 2017 (Android & Windows)

Clash of Clans is already one of those games that pass the borders of the ludic to enter directly in the territories of the popular culture in general. It is one of the phenomena of this new culture called millennials in which all types of people, whether born in 2000 that give it the name or all those born before have adopted technology as a way of life and about all as a form of leisure. In this area of leisure and mobility now so common, it is where Clash of Clans stands as king of kings and as a key title of the mobile game and free to play or freemium. As the saying goes that it is never late and there is no day that happens in which hundreds of new players are introduced to this exciting world of clans, we are going to pass a quick guide on how to start in this world.


To begin with, you have to make clear the basic concept of this game and that is simply attacking villages and defend your own but for that, you have to resort to a clan. That is to say the community and the sharing that is marking this beginning of the XXI century.

Clash of Clans for PC 2017 (Android & Windows)

Well, the first thing that we must have to be able to have a level and status in this game, are the following objects: Gold, Elixir, dark elixir and gems. With these four raw materials, your life within this medieval world will be much easier to carry. Let’s start by detailing each one.


As in any game of this kind, gold, read virtual money is the key to progress, the problem as always is how to get it as quickly as possible. Gold has the main function to create buildings and troops to improve them later. The place where it is located are the mines of the same name. The place to get it and store it. 2,500 gold is the initial amount you can save, so start, spend everything you have without fear and do not stop to go back for more. Once explained the vile metal, it is time to go to less banal objects and that is why it is the turn of elixirs in its two variants. With them, we can build and improve troops and create buildings related to your army. Before collecting it you need to have enough gold to create your collectors and a good store to store everything you get.

At the beginning, we will have the elixir say normal and then go to the dark, which is used for the Kings as the Barbarian and the Arqueta. The most conflicting and priority element of the game is that they are the ones that can make you advance in the game quickly and give it the name of model freemium. So there are two ways to get them, one paying for real money at the in-game store, and another sweating, working and using your gambling as a gambler. To point out yes, the Android version lets you acquire gems through your Google Play wallet, which you can increase for example by doing surveys in Google Rewards.


The more you have, the easier it will be to have huge amounts of gold and elixir but that does not say that we can not get them in a much more artisan way and the first thing to do is to improve the buildings in your village, cut down trees and destroy rocks. Randomly appear some gems in your surroundings, although they are not too abundant also it is necessary to say it.

So with these little tips, you are ready to play this game or its default any other mobile system. So show your courage and form one of the great clans of history, the world is waiting for you Clash Of Clan.

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