CES 2021: LG to demonstrate 'flexible' gaming monitor

Every beginning of the year, CES is an opportunity for tech companies to show the world their new technologies, their future products. To define the trends for the coming year. LG will be present, with screens in particular.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting health crisis, CES 2021 will indeed take place, virtually. The festivities will take place from January 11 to 14 and like every year, the tech companies will multiply the presentations, demonstrations and other press releases. LG will obviously be present, to notably unveil screens .

LG to Demonstrate Unlimited Curved Screen at CES 2021

Besides several demonstrations of transparent OLED screens, LG Display should also impress with a concept product related to gaming during its virtual presentation at CES 2021. It is indeed a “flexible monitor 48-inch 4K Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO). The user can switch from a perfectly flat screen to a curved screen at will. The idea is to use flat mode for watching videos, and with the push of a button, switch to curved mode – with a maximum radius of 1000mm – for more immersive gaming.

A 48 inch 4K “CSO” screen

This demo might remind you of another LG demo from last year. It was then a 65-inch screen that switched to curved mode at will. What is new this time is the CSO aspect: there is a 0.6mm thick film on the panel that turns the entire OLED panel into a speaker. This makes it possible to offer a thinner monitor and to offer sound that comes directly from the screen itself, to add further, it seems, to the immersion, both for the video game and for the computer. video experience.

The Korean company also adds that this monitor supports refresh rates ranging from 40 to 120 Hz, which is the minimum for a gaming monitor today. Some models climb to 240Hz or even 360Hz, but they obviously don’t have the ability to bend at will. See you in a few days to find out all this.

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