CES 2021: GM set to unveil electric Chevrolet pickup

CES 2021 should, like every year, be very interesting. And this in many ways, in many areas. The automobile industry will not be left out, especially from GM and Chevrolet.

Last month, GM announced that it had stepped up its efforts in the electrification of vehicles. The group is targeting no less than 30 electric models on the market by the end of 2025. And it seems that the first models are imminent. Indeed, according to Bloomberg , the manufacturer will give a preview of certain vehicles during CES 2021 in January. GM CEO Mary Barra will also host the opening keynote on January 12. It will review in particular the need for electrification to follow societal and environmental developments.

GM could unveil its first electric models at CES 2021

Bloomberg explains that GM will be showing a video during this event to demonstrate its latest technology and provide an overview of some vehicle concepts, including an electric Chevrolet pickup, some electric Cadillac models and others. brands. As Autoblog points out, it’s hard to know if this is the same pickup Chevrolet announced a few months ago. The brand had revealed that it was working on an electric pickup with a range that would reach 650 km last July. We even got a preview of the vehicle during a marketing presentation in November, but no specific launch date.

Chevrolet and Cadillac in the lead

Cadillac, for its part, unveiled its first electric vehicle, baptized Lyriq, in August. It will be the first model to take advantage of the GM Ultium Evolutionary Battery System, used by other brands in the group for their vehicles, including the GMC electric Hummer. We could also discover electric concepts if Cadillac decides to dazzle its audience. It is indeed a safe bet that the brand is working on more than one car at the same time. Autoblog reported some time ago that Cadillac could even abandon its entire thermal range by 2025, five years earlier than its original schedule.

A December Wall Street Journal article stated that GM is currently facing some resistance from dealers that could slow its electrification plans. About 150 dealerships in the United States have reportedly decided to stop selling Cadillacs rather than spending $ 200,000 on equipment upgrades, whether charging stations or repair materials, needed to sell electric vehicles. If more states follow California in banning petrol-engine sales within 15 years, those dealers will have no choice but to follow suit.

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