Canon will now sell its image sensors to third parties

While sales of cameras, digital or not, are weakening year after year, manufacturers continue to exist by offering their expertise and components to the smartphone and other tablet industry.

Sony is a very big name in the market for hybrid photo cameras. The thing no longer needs to be demonstrated. That being said, while Sony does make its own cameras, the brand also supplies its sensors to many other companies. In truth, many smartphones on the market today are equipped with Sony image sensors in their various camera modules. A very common practice, Leica and Zeiss do this too. And soon Canon ?

Canon will sell its CMOS sensors to third-party companies

Given the increasingly impressive sales figures each year of smartphones, this is a very lucrative business. It’s no wonder, then, that Canon wants to get its piece of the pie. The brand recently announced that it would very soon start selling its own CMOS sensors to third-party companies that may need this technology.

Including smartphone manufacturers?

According to Canon’s press release, “Canon has been manufacturing CMOS sensors since 2000 for use exclusively in Canon products. Building on this expertise and success, Canon is now committed to outsourcing sales to collaborate with diverse industries. Canon CMOS sensors feature unique designs that will meet the needs of demanding imaging applications. ”

The brand’s website also highlights a number of sensors created to date, including models for very different purposes. It’s not surprising that Canon decides to take this route. As we take more photos with our phones, the need for a dedicated camera, at least for non-professionals, is starting to wane. Selling your technology directly to third-party companies is a good way to generate new income. The press release does not explicitly state, however, whether Canon is specifically targeting the smartphone market. It would be quite incomprehensible if that was not the case, but you never know. Soon smartphones with Canon sensors? To be continued !

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