Canon patents stabilizer with interchangeable lens system

In recent years, photography has evolved a lot, moving greatly to the mobile. Smartphones have become extremely capable, but certain accessories allow us to go further.

Anyone who takes photos with their smartphone often enough will tell you, if phones are very advanced in this area today, they are happy to add some accessories to go further. This is particularly the case with a stabilizer. There are a lot of them today. And Canon is considering an innovative system .

A Canon patent describes a stabilizer

There are a number of stabilizers on the market today and in most cases these are sold separately from the photo device / camera / smartphone. This means that you must already have the device to be able to use it. That being said, DJI attempted the operation with an all-in-one solution, the Osmo Pocket, and now it looks like Canon wants to do the same.

In a Canon News report, we learn of the existence of a Canon patent describing a stabilizer with an integrated camera. But Canon would not seek to copy the Osmo Pocket. The photographer would like to go even further by introducing a system of interchangeable lenses.

with an integrated system of interchangeable lenses

This means that the stabilizer might be able to support different lenses – telephoto, wide-angle, macro, etc. -. However, given that these lenses have very different weights, one wonders how Canon intends to handle the situation, the weight of the camera greatly influencing the overall stability.

That being said, this is only a patent, no one knows if Canon will succeed, or if it wants to, in making the system a reality. And how much could such a device cost? Would the lenses be sold individually? Could Canon lenses be mounted on it? Impossible to know at this stage but it could be very interesting for photographers already equipped with Canon equipment. In any case, it will be necessary to wait to know if the brand manages to obtain a finished product worthy of the name. To be continued !

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