Bungie announces major initiatives for expansion

The future of independent American studio Bungie is shaping up with many investments.

To support the multiple projects of its teams, Bungie is currently in the process of expanding and redesigning its head office in Bellevue, Washington State, in the eastern suburbs of Seattle, with the help of the NBBJ architectural firm. The latter will thus increase from 7,800 to more than 18,000 square meters of surface and will present itself in the future as a collaborative district in order to better support the spirit of creative collaboration that defines the studio: “[19459008 ] The main objective of this expansion is to strengthen Bungie’s long-term commitment to develop Destiny , to tell new stories in the Destiny universe, and to create new worlds. ‘being not yet announced and forming an integral part of its intellectual property. ”

The work will be finalized in autumn 2022. Later that year, Bungie will open its first international office in Amsterdam: “ It will represent the development of the company’s international business and will host the divisions of the constantly evolving publishing and marketing, ensuring its permanent commitment to unify and expand its community of passionate players around the world.

New faces on Bungie and on the board

To exploit the Destiny license through different media and give birth to new intellectual property by 2025, Bungie has surrounded himself with Luis Villegas (CTO), Danielle Porter (CFO), Don McGowan ( General Counsel), Jonny Ebbert (Creative Director), Zach Russel (Managing Director) and Jason Jones (Director of Corporate Vision). Note that Mark Noseworthy (vice president, universe of Destiny) and Luke Smith (executive director of creation, universe of Destiny) will now supervise and prepare the expansion of the universe of Destiny, knowing that Justin Truman has taken charge the development of the direction of Destiny 2.

Finally, Bungie announced the arrival of two new members to its board, namely Trace Harris, senior finance and strategy officer, and Pamela Kaufman, president of global consumer goods for ViacomCBS. They join Simon Zhu from NetEase. “ We are grateful and touched that our independent success has enabled us to invest in such talented people and in our new headquarters this year, and we are delighted to welcome Trace Harris and Pamela Kaufman to our board of directors. ”, announces Pete Parsons, CEO at Bungie. “ The past few years have been marked by many opportunities and incredible growth for Bungie. We are home to some of the brightest people in the industry, and we look forward to expanding our team of talent this year, as well as the resources to support them. Pamela and Trace bring an incredible media and entertainment background, and we look forward to putting their talents to use as we continue to build the future of our business.

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