Brave web browser is optimized for Apple Mac M1

With the introduction of its new Apple Silicon M1 chip, the Cupertino company required a great effort from the publishers of applications, in particular to optimize the latter.

By introducing its very first in-house chip, Apple Silicon M1 , based on the ARM architecture, the Cupertino company has initiated a real revolution. On the software side, this is a huge change. To make life easier for everyone, Apple offered a translation tool, Rosetta 2, ensuring compatibility with this new processor. But this solution is only temporary. Applications should be rewritten to natively support this chip. What the Brave web browser just did .

Brave web browser is updating

If you have a brand new Mac with the new M1 chip and are looking for a browser that is not Apple’s, Google’s, or Mozilla’s, good news. Please note that Brave has just released a version of its browser focused on respecting your privacy that natively supports the Apple Silicon chip. At this time, the Microsoft Team is still testing this support for the M1 chip in its Canary channel.

and natively supports the Apple Silicon M1 chip

In case you forgot, Brave is a Chromium-based web browser that blocks ads and trackers by default. It also implements its own token system to reward creators – sometimes causing controversy -. Recently, Brave introduced a dedicated news reader and claims it has approximately 7 million daily users to date.

And as we have already seen with other Chromium-based browsers, switching to a version designed for ARM processors on these new Macs should improve performance while maintaining maximum battery life. Note, this version also corrects video playback on IMDB and HBO Max, whether or not you have an Apple machine with this famous M1 chip.

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