Blizzard Entertainment: Updates With Interface Overhaul

A major update to Blizzard’s PC launcher is currently rolling out in North America and will arrive in the rest of the world in the coming weeks.

In beta for over a year now, the platform is finally getting a facelift with major ergonomic and interface changes via the biggest front-end update from the famous launcher: “ This has been a key part of our history since the release of Diablo in 1996. We are proud of how the app has enabled members of the community to communicate and play Blizzard games together quickly and easily. With the new update, we want to welcome gamers from all walks of life and make sure to provide them with a smooth experience.

The American publisher Blizzard Entertainment implies that surprises will be waiting for you during the year: “ These are just the first new features that will be added to We will continue to test, improve, and integrate content into the app over time. We would be very happy to hear from you when you’ve spent some time on the new app.

What’s New in Version 2.0

  • Improved navigation and ergonomics: you can now add games to your favorites and sort them as you see fit for easier access
  • A complete new interface bringing together game-related content and the latest news on one page
  • A reworked social menu to allow you to better follow the status of your friends in each game tab
  • Significant accessibility improvements: Navigate most of the application using your keyboard, get better support for e-readers and better color contrast
  • A new notification center bringing together the status of your downloads and your messages in one place

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