Black Myth Wu Kong: an absolutely next gen '2nd gameplay trailer, the year of the Ox in the spotlight

Black Myth Wu Kong : un 2è trailer de gameplay absolument next gen', l'année du boeuf à l'honneur

After impressing the whole world last August with a 13-minute gameplay demo, the young Chinese studio Game Science is back with a new gameplay trailer dedicated to Black Myth Wu Kong, this Action-RPG featuring Sun Wu Kong, the famous monkey king. A video that popped up a few minutes ago on IGN China’s YouTube channel and which allows you to see completely new images of this title which wants to be next gen ‘in its realization. But beyond the technical aspect that many viewers will remember, it should above all be seen as a tribute to the year of the rat which is ending, to make way for that of the buffalo (or beef). No wonder then to see our King of Monkeys fighting repeatedly against rats throughout the video, whether they are simple enemies or gigantic bosses. We must see the analogy of the fight against the year 2020, hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. But 2021 will not be easy, as evidenced by the huge bipedal buffalo that appears at the very end of the trailer and acts as the end-of-level boss.

Black Myth Wukong is therefore still in development at Game Science, which had also announced a release not before 2023, the studio needing 3 additional years of production to follow through on their ideas. We remember during an interview that their version of the Journey to the West is darker with a complex narration and less folkloric Anthropomorphism, but more realistic in its proposal. If you want more technical information about the game, we suggest you go back to our previous paper .