Besides Xiaomi, Motorola also has a truly wireless charging system

Wireless charging is a very interesting technology, but very little useful as it stands. There is much better to do, the tech giants know that.

When we talk about wireless charging , we think today of existing devices today consisting simply of a charging surface on which the device must be placed to reload. Aesthetic certainly but not really practical, or at least not much more practical than this good old wired charging. Especially since the charging powers are quite low. Wireless charging can still change a lot. Xiaomi showed it to us quite recently. And Motorola today .

Motorola also has truly wireless charging technology

You may have seen it go by, Xiaomi unveiled its Mi Air Charge Technology very recently. This is a wireless charging system that is truly wireless. Understand by this that the device to be recharged does not need to be placed on a carpet or to have magnets stuck to it for the recharging to take place. A presentation that had its small effect. But Xiaomi is not alone on the subject.

The principle is the same, with additional security however

Motorola also very recently introduced its own wireless charging technology although this was done in a less official way, if one may say so, via a simple post on the Chinese site Weibo. The video below, for those who don’t understand Mandarin, shows two devices that, when placed near the station, begin to charge.

The video also gives an indication of the distance at which charging can be initiated. Here, it is a question of 100 cm, so a meter. And what’s interesting is that unlike Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge Technology, Motorola’s version stops charging when devices are placed between the dock and the device.

It may seem like a bad idea at first, but it is quite possible that this decision was made to alleviate possible health problems. It could also avoid the fears of some users about the waves that would roam around a house and that could affect the human body. At the moment, we know very little about this wireless charging technology according to Motorola, but it is already very promising!

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