At 11, a “hacker” blackmails his own father

Cybersecurity is of critical importance today at all levels. Even in the simple family bubble, it seems. A father had this bitter experience.

Protecting your digital life must be done at all levels. And don’t think, after all, that some information is more important than others. Don’t think that only skilled pirates can do you harm, either. The threat can come from anywhere, from anyone. Including from within the family sphere .

In India, an 11 year old boy blackmails his own father

Considering someone as your family, even if it is not necessarily by blood, cannot guarantee that they will not betray you or do anything against you. Today we have the perfect example of this situation. In India, a man was being extorted by what he believed to be a group of hackers. He will eventually discover that it was his own only 11-year-old son.

After learning the procedure on YouTube

The man claims that he was originally threatened by the “group” with paying 10 million rupees (approximately € 114,000) if he did not want to see obscene photos and other details about his family posted on the Net. His email has been hacked, the password changed, as has the associated cell phone number. The “pirates” even claimed they were spying on him and his family.

The victim did not give up, the man contacted the police for help and the authorities quickly discovered that the IP address of these so-called hackers was that of our man. In other words, the threats came from the house itself. The police have started questioning the victim’s son, who eventually confesses to being the author of the blackmail.

The boy declared to the police that he had learned how to proceed by watching videos on YouTube , and in particular on the measures to be taken in order not to be caught. The police, for their part, say they are continuing their investigation. It is difficult to know if the boy can be prosecuted or not.

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