Apple's self-driving cars traveled twice as many kilometers in 2020 as in 2019

Apple is working on an electric and most likely autonomous car. We repeat it recently several times a day because the project is so large. The apple brand has been working on these technologies for a long time.

It has long been no secret that Apple is working on a car. There is no doubt that the Cupertino company has forgotten the idea that it has been one just as long ago. Still, the apple brand has been working on related technologies for years. It even already has self-driving cars. And these have traveled a large number of kilometers during the year 2020.

Self-driving cars from Apple have been doing a lot in 2020

Apple’s autonomous electric car project is quite possibly the least well-kept of the tech industry’s secrets . In a recent report from the California DMV – the body responsible for registering vehicles and driving licenses – we learn that the Cupertino company is stepping up its work on the project. Apple’s self-driving cars are said to have logged twice as many kilometers on their meters in 2020 as in 2019.

Twice as many as in 2019

According to the report in question, Apple vehicles equipped with autonomous driving technology totaled 30,263 km in California. This against “only” 12,140 km in 2019, ie well over double the distance. The report also claims that the decommitment figure has also increased, which is not surprising given that mileage has increased.

For those who do not know, we speak of disengagement when the car cuts off the autonomous mode and the human driver regains control of the vehicle. The DMV says Apple has recorded 130 withdrawals, up from “just” 64 in 2019. Not a bad result. Indeed, if we take the average, this makes a disengagement every 232 km approximately in 2020 against 1 every 189 km in 2019.

Apple is currently looking for a partnership to help produce its self-driving car. This partnership could even be announced in the coming months. To be continued !

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