Apple's own 29W charger will not work with the MagSafe Duo

Apple understood that the accessories market was a nice source of income. In particular with regard to the recharging of its devices.

Not that long ago, Apple announced that its MagSafe Duo charger would be available for sale. Something to delight many fans of the brand. The charger itself is priced at 149 €, a pretty steep price when you consider what that represents. But the customers should be there. And it would even appear that these have to spend even more to have a compatible charger to use with.

The 29 W charger incompatible with the MagSafe Duo

Indeed, the Cupertino company recently confirmed that its own 29 W charger will not work with the MagSafe Duo. Interested customers will therefore have to use another charger such as the 30W or 20W model. Fortunately, at 25 €, it is a fairly inexpensive purchase but for some it may indeed seem completely unnecessary.

USB Power Delivery 3.0’s fault

According to Apple, the reason behind all of this is relatively simple. The specifications of the MagSafe Duo require an adapter compatible with USB Power Delivery 3.0, something that the 29 W model does not have. The 29 W model was replaced in 2018 by the 30 W model. This therefore also suggests that more chargers. older ones should not work properly with the MagSafe Duo.

This announcement should definitely make some cringe. And it’s easy to understand why. Indeed, for many users, chargers are not components that need to be “updated” or replaced as one would with a smartphone. It’s hard to know how many customers are using the 29W model today, but it’s still something to consider if you’re considering investing in a MagSafe Duo charger.

For Apple, in any case, this is once again blessed bread. The apple brand thus “obliges” customers to go back to the cash desk for a simple accessory, an accessory on which it makes a more than substantial margin.

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