Apple's augmented reality glasses could teach you about the freshness of your food

Apple has already invested heavily in augmented reality and if we are to believe current rumors, the peak should be reached in the coming years with the marketing of augmented reality glasses.

Augmented Reality is one of the major projects of Apple . The apple brand has never hidden it, preparing its iPhone and other iPads for this technology. It also now seems that the American giant is working on a pair of augmented reality glasses. But what could it offer in terms of functionalities ?

Detect the freshness of food

Are you able to see at a glance how fresh your food is? Sometimes the answer is obvious. It may take just one particular smell, color or texture to know that it is no longer edible. In other cases, however, it is much less obvious. Modern technology can help. Apple thinks it can help, more specifically with its augmented reality glasses.

and display the information in Apple’s augmented reality glasses

AppleInsider teams have discovered a patent filed by Apple describing a system that could be used to determine the freshness state of foods. This uses various sensors that can be used to gather the light spectrum of an object. The latter is then analyzed and the information is transmitted to the user.

According to the description of the patent, “the infrared spectrum, images visible by the camera and / or data from other sensors can be used alone or together to characterize the target elements, so that notifications can be provided to an user and certain actions taken. ” The patent also mentions how these sensors could be used in a head-mounted display, although it is unclear why such a system could not be integrated into a device like the iPhone.

While this kind of feature looks very innovative on paper, it could also be a feature that greatly contributes to the popularization of augmented reality glasses. That being said, this is only a patent. No one knows if Apple intends to make this a reality. The future will tell.

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