Apple's augmented reality glasses could alert you when you're distracted

Apple and augmented reality, it’s a great story that has lasted for several years now. And this is certainly only the beginning of the adventure. The Cupertino company has big plans in this direction, including a pair of glasses.

Virtual, augmented, mixed realities, three quite different technologies, three distinct and ultimately quite similar ways of proceeding and the giants of tech who have chosen their camp. For Apple , it’s augmented reality. This will apparently not prevent him from offering a virtual reality headset … To better prepare the ground for his future augmented reality glasses .

Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses May Know Your State of Concentration

When Google launched its Google Glasses a few years ago, the device was exciting because it was very, very innovative. Maybe even too much, in the end. The product was not successful, the project was a commercial failure. Today, it looks like Apple is ready to resume the game with its own augmented reality glasses. But what to expect in terms of functionality? What might we discover that we haven’t already seen?

and adapt accordingly

If we are to believe AppleInsider, via a recently discovered patent, the Cupertino company is considering the idea of ​​integrating into its augmented reality glasses a feature to detect the state of concentration of their wearer. This would let the system know if the user is actually paying attention to what is happening right in front of them or if they are distracted by something.

The patent also suggests that, depending on this same state of concentration, the system could automatically adjust: “A user’s state (distracted, attentive, etc.) while watching content on an electronic device may have a significant effect on user experience. Content creators and other display systems might be able to deliver better user experiences, and tailor them according to that state so that the user in question is more likely to enjoy, understand and learn what is actually going on. under his eyes according to his state of concentration ”

This means that if the glasses detect that what you are looking at is bothering you, the system may suggest something else, more interesting. This is in any case a very interesting idea even if quite invasive. And there can be no guarantee that Apple actually implements such a feature, this is just a patent, one idea among many.

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