Apple would have started its “first works” on a foldable screen iPhone

Smartphones with a foldable screen have appeared recently. The technology is still very young, manufacturers are interested in it each at their own pace. Apple including.

Apple doesn’t usually jump into new technology very quickly. The Cupertino company prefers to wait for it to stabilize and be tested by the reality on the ground, so to speak. This is particularly true with 5G. It will be the same with foldable screens. preliminary work would have been initiated on this point.

Apple reportedly started preliminary work on an iPhone with a foldable screen

It has been some time now that rumors suggest that the apple brand is looking to keep up with the competition, notably from Samsung , by launching a smartphone with a foldable screen . Today, if a new report from Bloomberg is to be believed, these rumors have been corroborated by their own sources, the “early work” has even started around this device.

That being said, it should be made clear here that under no circumstances should anything be expected at this time. Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman says Apple currently only has one screen, which means the phone’s chassis hasn’t even been developed yet. Not even reached the stage of prototyping.

We had previously heard of rumors that Apple was testing an iPhone with a foldable display and that it apparently even passed internal durability tests. It is quite logical in the end that Apple wants to make sure that the screen will function correctly and that it is sufficiently resistant over time before proceeding with the rest of the project. Samsung had encountered problems with its early models of the Galaxy Fold, forcing it to make a number of adjustments. Apple does not want to reproduce these errors.

without however fully committing to marketing such a product

That being said, Mark Gurman’s report says the company has yet to fully embrace the foldable smartphone path. It is possible that the rumors are true and that Apple is indeed working on such a device but if by chance this work is not promising, the Cupertino company could decide to give up. No one knows if we will ever see an iPhone with a foldable screen, and even less when. To be continued !

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