Apple would benefit from launching its own cryptocurrency, analyst says

Crypto-currencies are on everyone’s lips today, or almost. The tech giants are interested, without really getting started. It must be said that the business is perilous.

The crypto-currencies are very promising. You only have to see the heights that some projects reach to realize this. Facebook had seen a certain interest in it, setting up its Libra project. Unfortunately, the competent authorities and other lobbies quickly dampened the hopes of the American giant. Could others get started? Microsoft ? Google? Apple maybe ?

Would Apple have an interest in launching its cryptocurrency?

Interest and demand for cryptocurrencies has been extremely strong lately. And the trend only seems to be growing. So much so that, according to RBC Capital Markets analyst Mitch Steves in a note to investors uncovered by Coindesk, Apple’s next big financial project should be to invest and create its own cryptocurrency.

This is what an analyst thinks

In the analyst’s own words, this could generate huge additional revenues for the Cupertino company, not to mention the additional profits resulting from the fact that such a move would most certainly make the United States the leader in the world. cryptocurrency market for many years. “Apple’s user base is 1.5 billion and even assuming that only 200 million users would transact, it is still 6.66 times larger than Square. In addition, the revenue opportunity would be in excess of $ 40 billion over one year. ”

The analyst goes on to say that while he is convinced that the Apple Car could be a very good long-term investment for the company, he says that this project represents a much bigger risk in the as that would see Apple competing with companies like Tesla, companies that have a lot more experience in this industry.

That being said, one of the advantages of cryptocurrencies is that, at least most of the time, these currencies are not controlled or necessarily owned by one and the same entity such as a government. or a business. For a company as large as Apple to launch its own cryptocurrency would go a bit against the very principle of decentralized currency.

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