Apple Watch: one day maybe with a Touch ID button?

The Apple Watch is a very interesting connected watch in many ways. And it has certainly not finished its evolution. The Cupertino company seems to still have a number of ideas.

The Apple Watch is already a capable smartwatch. With its multiple sensors, its ultra-modern components and its most advanced software, it is perfectly suited to many uses. But one can easily imagine that it will do even more in the future. And on this point, the apple brand has no shortage of ideas. New example today.

A patent imagines an Apple Watch with Touch ID

On the iPhone , users can protect their devices in several ways. These include Touch ID, Face ID or that good old PIN code. On the Apple Watch, however, it’s a whole different story. The watch authenticates the user via the heart rate monitor. This means that in the event that someone steals your watch and tries to use it to purchase anything through Apple Pay , that is impossible.

That being said, it looks like Apple Watch may one day have its own Touch ID. In any case, that’s what a patent recently discovered by Patently Apple suggests. We learn that the Cupertino company has explored the possibility of integrating Touch ID in a button on the edge of its Apple Watch.

Will it ever be a reality?

We have already seen more than one unrealistic, or very difficult to implement, patent around the Apple Watch, but in the case that interests us today, it seems doable. Indeed, with the fourth generation of iPad Air, Apple has managed to integrate Touch ID into the tablet’s power button. This means that it is possible to integrate Touch ID in a smaller space than the Home button on the iPhone. Why not then in a button on the edge of the Apple Watch?

However, this is only a patent. It’s unclear whether the Cupertino company intends to make this a reality or not, but as said, this patent seems really technically feasible. All the more so whether or not this feature already exists. Will the Apple Watch ever be entitled to it? To be continued !

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