Apple Watch Could Offer Improved Haptic Feedback

The Apple Watch is a formidable concentrate of technologies regrouping a number of very interesting components. Some can still be greatly improved.

The Apple Watch brings together a large number of components, very diverse, in a very compact frame, compact enough to fit on the wrist. This is a tremendous technological feat. Generation after generation, the watch does better, improves this or that component, adding this or that sensor. Improved haptic feedback could be part of a future model.

A more sophisticated haptic engine for a future Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch has a component called the Taptic Engine. This is an independent component inside the watch offering the wearer haptic feedback – vibrations – to indicate the arrival of notifications, an alert when the heart rate is too high, a reminder to get up. a few minutes, etc. That being said, this haptic feedback is not very sophisticated.

A patent evokes a completely new solution

Apple is thinking of various means to improve this aspect of its connected watch if we are to believe AppleInsider who recently discovered a patent entitled “Portable electrical device having a haptic component with a battery mobile ”. Besides the title, we learn in this patent that the Cupertino company is exploring various possibilities to offer haptic feedback to the user and one of them would be to use the battery in the watch.

According to the patent description, the Apple Watch battery could be coupled to the screen via a coil assembly which could be “configured to induce oscillatory movement of the battery cell parallel to the screen to produce haptic output ”. Such a design could open up a range of new possibilities.

For example, eliminating the need for a dedicated haptic feedback component saves space in the chassis that could be used to introduce other components. In particular, this could allow a larger battery to be included which, in the words of this patent, could be the case if the haptic motor was not present. A larger battery would significantly increase the battery life of the Apple Watch. Which wouldn’t be a luxury.

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