Apple Watch can now alert when heart level is too low

The Apple Watch is a very useful everyday accessory for many reasons. Whether it is to follow his sports activity or monitor his health, for example. On this last point, the Apple watch is more than ready.

The Apple Watch has clearly taken the option of health tracking for a few generations. The Cupertino company believes a lot in this functionality, perhaps even more than that of the sport itself. The watch of the brand with apple thus makes it possible in particular to follow very closely the health of the heart of its wearer. And it now welcomes a new feature in this segment.

Apple Watch takes heart tracking even further

The Apple Watch has many health-related features. Whether, as has been said, for pure monitoring or to encourage people to be more active on a daily basis. Thus, the watch can remind you to get up every hour, to reach your daily physical expenditure goals, etc. It can also alert in case of detection of too high or irregular heart activity.

And today, with the latest versions of iOS and watchOS to date, Apple is introducing a new health alert tool. This aims to warn the wearer of the watch when the heart level is too low. And to do this, the system uses its various built-in sensors, such as the heart rate monitor, of course, but also the GPS and the accelerometer to determine the level of intensity of the current activity.

It can now alert in case of too low heart level

Ordinarily, the Apple Watch would use its last generation VO2 max sensor to measure this information, but the introduction of this new feature means that, in theory, it would be able to measure heart levels with Apple Watch of previous generations or to take these measures when the user is not able to purchase a high-intensity exercise session.

Apple claims that studies show there is a link between low heart levels and increased risks of health problems, such as heart problems or high blood pressure. These warnings could help and encourage users to exercise more.

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