Apple responds to Facebook privacy ad

The protection of personal data is a vast subject. Some are fully committed to it. This is the case with Apple. And that obviously doesn’t appeal to everyone.

If the giants of tech obviously aim to generate more and more income, not all do it in the same way. Google and Facebook , for example, use your personal data . What Apple does not want to do. Or at least, without reselling this data to anyone. And year after year, the Cupertino company has progressed in this direction. Which is obviously cringe, especially lately.

Apple responds to Facebook ad against it

As you may already know, in 2021 Apple will introduce new features to respect your privacy. These are aimed in particular at preventing iOS users from being tracked on the web and through apps. This is a very good thing from a user perspective, but a bad thing for advertisers who use these kinds of personal identifiers to create their personalized ads and so on.

Facebook, which relies heavily on advertising as a source of income, recently had a full page publication in a print newspaper to bring down this decision by the Cupertino company. The social network says that Apple will hurt small businesses in this way. Apple decided to respond to this Facebook ad, simply claiming to be fighting for its users.

For Apple, the only concern is to give users the choice

In a statement published on 9to5Mac, Apple said, “We believe this is just about fighting for our users. Users should know when their data is being collected and shared among various apps and websites – and they should be given the choice to allow it or not -. This notion of transparency about app tracking in iOS 14 doesn’t mean that Facebook is changing its approach to tracking users or creating targeted ads, it just requires giving its users a choice. ”

Apple also clarifies that these changes in the management of privacy will apply to all developers, whoever they are, and that they do not identify anyone in particular. The Cupertino company also says that advertising is always possible and that it is only about giving users the choice.

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