Apple might also want to help you manage your finances better

Tech giants today have more than just electronic gadgets. They are interested in the health of their clients, sometimes even in their well-being. Aspects that take many facets.

Apple has always been very committed to its customers. This involves offering extensive support for its products, preserving their personal data , committing to important causes, etc. Physical and mental health is an aspect that matters a lot today. Many giants of tech have embarked on this path, and the Cupertino company may want to go even further .

Mysterious Financial Health Framework Appears in iOS 14.5

Apple has long been interested in the health, both physical and mental, of its users. And to do this, the apple brand has put together a number of features and devices, including the Apple Watch which has various sensors dedicated to health. That being said, it looks like Apple is now eyeing another aspect of wellness, that of financial health.

Does Apple want to help you manage your portfolio better?

A recent report revealed that the iOS 14.5 beta included a framework called “FinHealth”. The name of this framework leaves very little room for the imagination. We suspect that this is something about financial health. Digging deeper into the code, it turns out that Apple could deploy some kind of algorithm and machine learning that would aim to examine your shopping habits and then make suggestions for you to use. avoid some and by doing so, save you money.

This feature is not completely new. Indeed, the Apple Card already offers features of this kind, but not everyone has the Cupertino credit card. Embedding all of this in iOS could be useful and used by more users. It’s hard to imagine how Apple intends to analyze shopping habits these days. No one knows whether this will remain exclusive to Apple Pay either.

In addition, this feature is not guaranteed to be included in the final version of iOS 14.5. Perhaps Apple will judge that the whole is not sufficiently finished to be offered to the general public. Patience, patience!

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