Apple Mac M1 bug prevents users from downloading iOS apps

The Apple Mac M1s are very interesting machines. But on the software side, all is not rosy. Bugs are notably present. And on a daily basis, it can be very problematic.

The Apple devices with a Apple Silicon M1 chip represent the very first generation. There is still a lot to improve, fix, and take care of to make Apple’s ecosystem fully operational with this whole new line of processors. This could not be done without a bug. Here is one which prevents downloading normally compatible iOS applications.

A bug prevents downloading iOS apps on M1 Macs

To help combat the lack of native applications for the Apple Silicon platform, the Cupertino company allows Mac M1 users to download and install iOS applications, as long as developers have enabled the option in their applications. That being said, it seems that some users are experiencing bugs preventing them from downloading such iOS apps on the Mac App Store .

Hopefully a fix comes soon

Based on feedback from these users, it appears that when they attempt to download an iOS application from the Mac App Store, the latter shows the spinning icon animation, indicating some background processing. , but nothing happens. It is strange that this bug is only appearing now when everything has been working fine since the launch of these machines. It is therefore entirely possible that the latest version of macOS is the cause or that it is a problem only on the server side.

Some users claim to have spoken with Apple Support on the subject and Apple has said they are not aware of this problem. However, it seems to have become very widespread and unfortunately, at the moment, no one really knows what should be done to solve the problem.

For those of you who don’t know, M1 Mac computers can download and run iOS applications. This only works with apps that have been declared as such by their developers. In other words, not all applications can be used on a Mac. The idea is that by allowing users to run iOS apps on their machine, they have more functionality, while they wait for developers to design native apps for this new platform. The fact that such a bug is happening now clearly breaks this whole initiative. Hopefully a fix will be offered very soon.

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