Apple is already exploring 6G wireless technology

Apple may not be among those who adopt new technologies the fastest, but that does not prevent the giant from exploring the various possibilities internally.

Connectivity, mobile as fixed, is evolving at the moment. While 5G is just starting to roll out around the world, market players are already working on the next standard, 6G. And big names are working on it. This is particularly the case with Apple , which is currently exploring the possibilities of this 6G internally .

Apple is looking for engineers to work on the 6G

The deployment of 5G continues, slowly but surely, depending on the region. That obviously doesn’t stop companies like Apple from working on the next generation of wireless connectivity technology, 6G. At least that’s what Bloomberg announces, which discovered a job offer published by Apple for engineers specializing in the matter.

and at the same time work to lay the foundations for this next standard

According to the description of the sheet, the Cupertino company would be looking more specifically for “Wireless Research System Engineers” and “RAN1 / RAN4 Standards Engineers”. These “will be part of a team tasked with defining and researching next-generation standards like 6G. You will research and design next generation wireless communication systems (6G) for radio access networks (RANs) with an emphasis on the PHY / MAC / L2 / L3 layers. ”

That being said, it is obviously important not to ignite. As said, 5G is still in its infancy, which means that it will be many more years before we see 6G arrive, but it is hardly surprising that Apple is already taking an interest in it. The Apple brand currently uses 5G modems from Qualcomm but after the acquisition of the modem division of Intel, we can imagine that the Cupertino company will want to manufacture its own 5G modems the most. sooner rather than later, and probably therefore its 6G modems when we get there.

Apple is also a member of the “Next G Alliance” industrial group which includes among its ranks Google and LG. The objective of this alliance is precisely to define the specifications of 6G. So it’s hardly surprising that Apple is taking an interest in it now.

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