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Apple iPhone 8 To Start Pre-Order In September

The Apple iPhone 8 which was scheduled to be launched in the month of September(APPLE IPHONE 8 LAUNCH DATE RESCHEDULED) had some changes which were that the high-end variant of the model will be released later. But the recent news suggests that the pre-order of the phone will start from the September only. The phone will be getting an OLED screen of 5.8-inches. The OLED screen will be first time introduced in an iPhone. The OLED screen is very efficient and provides a clear bright display. The screen used in the phone is also an intelligent screen, that is it adjusts according to the surroundings to provide theĀ user with a better readability.


The Apple iPhone 8 will get a RAM size of 3 GB. This RAM size was only available on the Apple iPhone 7 plus. The phone will feature an upgraded fingerprint scanner. The phone will also get an upgraded waterproof technology. The camera of the phone has been upgraded to get 3D technologies because the iPhone 8 will have face recognition as well as iris scanner. The camera can also be enabled to get AR(Augmented Reality) features in the near future. The phone will start from the base variant which will be having 64 GB(APPLE IPHONE 8 TO GET BASE MODEL OF 64 GB) of internal storage to the variant which will be having 256 GB of internal storage.

The Apple iPhone will get three different variants. One will be a high-end variant and the other two are the standard variants. The high-end variant will get most of the new features. The base model is expected to get a price tag of $900(Rs. 58000 approx.)(APPLE IPHONE 8 BASE MODEL WILL BE PRICED AROUND $900) and the high-end variant will get a price tag of $1000(Rs. 67000 approx.). One major change which Apple has made on the phone is that it has decided to remove the icon of the iPhone which is the home button rather they have introduced a physical home button in the phone to serve that purpose.

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