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Apple iPhone 8 To Feature The New iOS 11

Apple iPhone 8 is the most awaited phone of the year 2017 which will be released by the month of September. The launching of the iPhone 8 is a very big event for the Apple as that time would have also completed its ten years. The expectations from the phone are very high as the rumors which had been released by various sources has created so much of hype for the phone. But as always Apple is ready for any challenge given to them. The iPhone 8 is going to feature technologies which have never been seen before on a phone and were considered technologies of many years later. The phone is going to feature a 5.8 inches of OLED screen(OLED SCREEN APPLE IPHONE 8 3D TOUCH COMPONENTS TO COST MUCH HIGHER THAN EXPECTED) which is also a smart screen. The smart screen feature will be introduced for the first time on an iPhone. This feature is very helpful as it changes the screen resolution according to the environment it is being used.


The Apple iPhone 8 will be having features which have never been seen on an iPhone. The screen of the phone is an edge to edge screen which means that the screen of the phone covers(APPLE iPhone 8 SCREEN MIGHT NOT COVER THE FRONT CAMERA AND THE SENSORS) the phone from the front side. The iPhone 8 will be missing out the iconic part of the iPhone series, the home button. The home button used to work as the fingerprint scanner in many latest iPhone series. Thus by removal of the home button from the iPhone 8 means that Apple has to do something about the touch ID. The rumors suggest that there are two possible ways Apple would integrate the touch ID feature into the phone that is either by putting a touch ID(APPLE iPhone 8 TOUCH ID INTEGRATION RUMOURS MAY BE TRUE) at the back of the phone or by doing the impossible which is integrating it into the screen itself. There are rumors too that Apple has been able to integrate the touch ID into the screen. The Apple iPhone 8 will also be having a new interface because of the iOS 11. The iOS has been designed for the iPhone 8 edge to edge screen. There are many more features which are coming with this awesome phone by the tech giant that is Apple.

The Apple iPhone 8 will be launched in the month of September but the seeing its demand and the technology getting integrating into it might delay its production hence iPhone lovers had to actually wait a bit longer to grab the device. The iPhone 8 will be released in three different variants, one will be a high-end while two others will be standard variants. According to one rumor, it is expected that the top end variant of the phone might even cross the four digit pricing(APPLE IPHONE 8 TO EVEN CROSS THE 4 DIGIT PRICING).


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